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Highlight Services

1. CATS Property Handling in Singapore Mercury Freight Distribution Pte. Ltd, was responsible for handling the props of the CATS production in Singapore.

The most ambitious performance so far is the West End musical CATS brought to Singapore in conjunction with us as the really useful Company.

The CATS set contains 487 pairs of flashing cart's eyes and 15,000 twinkling fiber optic lights.

To transport these bulky yet delicate equipment is in itself a performance. The logistics involved in the transportation and handling of stage props is characterized by time and delicacy. Concert tours are fast-paced, here today and gone tomorrow, making the parallel movement of props is even more time-sensitive than the usual air cargo. As a stage performance runs on cue, with the precision of a military drill, it demands a full and complete delivery without any damages.

It took two week to plan the massive and delicate operations. It took 45 minutes to unload the cargo there were 33 pallets. Forty men working non-stop for the next 30 hours ferried the cargo from the airport to kallang threatre.

The challenges in moving the CATS Props were many. The tonnage included expensive yak wigs. Many of the cargo needed special equipment, for example, specially designed low-loaders were needed to transport four 20ft pallets containing special screens. The entire operation was completed without incurring losses or breakages .

This attributes to our commitment to customer satisfaction and our determination to give our clients what they require. The CATS organizer gave us specific instruction on how they want each item to be transported form the aircraft onto the stage. With this information we were able to rope in the necessary equipment and staff required.

Our previous experience in stage props handling include the Holiday on Ice show and Tina Turner's Concert in Singapore.

We are well placed to play a more active role in handling this kind of cargo. The organizers for CATS were so pleased with our services; they re-hired us to forward the entire baggage to Hong Kong. Without doubt we made sure the baggage reached on time and the show went on.

2.Warehousing and Distribution We handle the logistics of renowned companies. These companies send their products form different countries into Singapore. Some of which are highly valuable and sensitive. Mercury Freight Singapore Pte. Ltd. are responsible for storage, inventory and distribution.

We are proud to say that we are a company who can handle and transport small cargo, heavy cargo, time bound cargo, fragile cargo, high value cargo, perishable cargo, live animals and automobiles. Call us, we are there to provide you our expertise in logistic solutions.